Make EA simpler and more efficient

Not only allows you to conveniently manage forex transactions, but also makes it easier to write EA!


Transaction data collection and analysis

"Centrally manage the transaction data of multiple accounts, and make EA strategies more effective through data analysis.."

Writing EA in Python

"The world's most popular Python scripting language makes writing EA strategies easier and faster."

Easy connection to MT4

As long as it is simple to configure, it can be easily integrated with trading software such as MT4/5, so that EA strategies can be run on multiple trading software at one time.


  • Maximum 1 account
  • Track up to 3 symbols
  • Up to 3 EA scripts
  • Maximum 2 account
  • Track up to 40 symbols
  • Up to 50 EA scripts
  • Free trial for 7 days !
$59.9 / Mo
  • Maximum 6 accounts
  • Track up to 180 symbols
  • Up to 100 EA scripts
  • Free trial for 7 days !
$259.9 / Mo

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